Julian Davies, a poodle from Putney, feels at the end of his tether due to his owner’s escalating road rage, it has emerged today.

Davies, 8, is driven through heavy London traffic to enjoy a long walk in a local park every afternoon, but says the experience is becoming increasingly embarrassing and traumatic. He blames owner, Carl Smith’s, foul language and screamed insults at other road-users for ruining what should be a shared experience of daily joy between pet and owner.

Davies said, “He (Carl Smith) shouts unfounded and deeply unpleasant criticisms at other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and even inanimate objects that get in his way. He often has the car window open, so people hear what he shouts. Just yesterday he screamed, ‘Move it, you fat shit’ at an overweight, middle-aged lady struggling to make her way over a zebra crossing. He’s also recently called a gentleman on an e-bike travelling along Kingston Vale a ‘ridiculous old git’ and a group of teenage girls on Roehampton Lane a ‘pack of hyena-whores’.

People are starting to notice the stream of intolerant abuse venting from our car. I see other dogs and their owners talking about me at the park. I can only imagine what they are saying, probably something like, ‘Oh look, there’s the poodle with the angry, shouty owner.’ It’s making me feel anxious and depressed.”

Choking back tears, Davies continued, “I don’t know how much more of this I can handle. I know re-homing is an option, but I’d really like Carl to try to address his anger issues before I consider leaving him for good.”

Carl Smith, 38, said, “To be honest, I’m sick of this self-righteous, poodle-prick. He sits God-like in the back of the car every day whilst I battle through murderous traffic and imbeciles. Then, we get to the park and he makes me pick up his shit in front of hot jogging chicks. He’s judgemental and appreciates nothing I do for him. If he wants to be re-homed, good riddance.”